There will be a Family Reuion October 2018 for anyone connect to the Beaton's, especially those connected to the Beatons from Euroa, Victoria, Australia.
Associated Names:
and many more

William and Mary Beaton along with William's sister Isabella Beaton our Aussie ancestors immigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1841. They settled in Euroa.

They were decendants from George Beaton 1742 and Ann Walker 1741 William and Isabellas great grandparents from Midlothian, Scotland

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beaton Family Reunion

There will be a Family Reunion in Euroa on the Queens Birthday Long Weekend, 11th June 2011, for the descendants of William and Mary Beaton (nee Thomson), and Isabella Beaton whom immigrated from Edinburgh to Euroa in 1841, 170 years ago, Their journey started on the ill-fated ship the India which burned at sea six weeks into their journey and they finally arrived in Victoria on the Grindlay four months later.
This will be an all day event which will include lunch, venue yet to be confirmed and dinner at the Seven Creeks Hotel for those wanting to eat there, limited seating so booking taken $30 for two course meal.
The Euroa will be opened for the day as it holds a lot of information on the ancestors. MuseumA program of the days events will be available soon.
Some names associated down the lines are: Bell, Pike, Geddes, Hardie, Shepherdson, Walker, Hyland, Sleeth, Baker, Gouge, Cox, Watkins, Prowd, Gibbs, Harrison, Garrett, Morgan, White, Whitechurch, Corbett, Hill, McKenzie, Capes, Soderholm, Williams, Short, Nelson and many more.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My BEATON Ancestors

gm  Nellie Shepherdson b.                    M. 1935 to Otto Soderholm
1xg Ellen Jane Beaton b.1877 Aust     M. 1897 to William Shepherdson
2xg Robert  Beaton b.1854 Aust          M. 1875 to Emma Cox b.1854
3xg William Beaton b.1821 Edin.         M. 1841 to Mary Thomson b.1821
4xg William Beaton b.1875 Dud.         M. 1869 to Jane Dick b.1819
5xg William Beaton b. 1765  "              M. 1785 to Helen Cockburn b.1772
6xg George Beaton b.1742 Sth Leith  M. 1763 to Ann Walker b.1741
7xg William Beaton  b.c1699               M. 1736 to Jane Smith b.c1699

(g = x greats)

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Monday, October 18, 2010

More to follow soon

If you have any BEATON names or stories to share please do.

A Little History of the Beaton Surname

Beaton is a surname in the English language, which has multiple origins. One origin of the name is from the placename of B├ęthune, in Pas-de-Calais, France. Another derivation is from the mediaeval personal name Beaton, Beton, which is pet form of a short form of the names Bartholomew or Beatrice.Bartholomew is a masculine name, while Beatrice is a feminine name; the names are not etymologically related to each other. Another derivation of the surname Beaton is that it is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Mac Beath. According to George Fraser Black, there were two families in the Inner Hebrides that Anglicised their surnames to Beaton. One such family were the MacBeths on Islay and Mull; the first record of the family is a Gaelic charter of Fercos Macbetha in about 1408. According to Black, the Beatons on Skye were related to the Bethunes from Fife.
The surname Beaton can be represented in Scottish Gaelic as Peutan (masculine form), and Pheutan (feminine form).

27 Jun 2016
The past few months I have been studying the Beaton/Bethune lines and have come to the conclusion there are two clans. Some researchers have them joined At the hip and has caused much confusion

Clan 1
There are the Beaton/Bethunes who stem from Fyfe and Angus, Scotland but they spread all over the country, This line have ties way back to the Baron of Bethune of France

Clan 2
The other line are the Medical Kindred from Skye a family of the first doctors as we know doctors today, who possibly came from Ireland, In short they adopted the name because its meaning was "son of life" Their original names was MacMeic-bethad.  There is a lot of confusion on my part as a lot of the names are in Gaelic, but they basically changed it to MacBeth  or MacBeth in its Scottish form and was last recorded in 1300s from then its pretty much been Beaton. Unfortunately some the Beaton/Bethune's  from Fyfe or Angus became doctors and moved to Skye as well so its hard to know who's who.
I am still studying these lines.

If you have any other interesting theories on the BEATON name please feel free to share.

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